The Gold Standard


The gold standard is a monetary system that defines the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.  In practice, that means you may present dollars at the bank for gold coins, or gold coins for dollars.  As a practical matter, people still will use currency, credit cards, checks and online transactions just as we do now.  The gold standard is almost invisible but will, as hundreds of years of history show, keep our money from losing its value.

A dollar as good as gold is normal in American history.  What is abnormal is the paper dollar system we have lived under for the past 40 years and the ever more frequent financial crises and lingering high unemployment.

The importance of the gold standard has been rediscovered by the Tea Parties, presidential candidates and the media.  The booklet provides a simple, clear, compelling explanation of what the gold standard is, what it will do for you and your family, and by extension, the American and world economy.  Written by two highly respected proponents of a modern, 21st century gold standard, this booklet will show you how a dollar as good as gold will lead to increased prosperity, security and liberty.

Copyright 2012 by Ralph Benko and Charles Kadlec, Washington, DC and Laguna Woods, CA.
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