Ben Talks Down The Gold Standard, In Favor of Bernanke — John Tamny, RealClearMarkets

“Facing increasing pressure from an electorate understandably skeptical about the ability of his central bank to manage the dollar, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke used a speech at George Washington University this week to talk down the gold standard. Walter Bagehot long ago wrote that central banks attract “vain” and “grasping” men, so it’s no surprise that Bernanke would decry a currency system that would happily render him and his Fed irrelevant.

“The good news is that if Bernanke’s speech is seen as the “gold standard” for objections against same, the path to stable money values anchored in gold free of hubristic central bankers like Bernanke is far more certain. Indeed, his objections don’t stand up to the most basic of scrutiny, and in Bernanke’s case, were often contradicted by Bernanke himself. Though he did so unwittingly, with his every utterance Bernanke made a wildly strong case for gold…

“Never lacking in unwarranted self-assurance, Ben Bernanke set out this week to discredit the gold standard, and in doing so, perpetuate the employment of meddling central bankers. The problem for the Chairman is that a speech meant to discredit the gold standard made the case for it in ways that true gold standard advocates have never done on their own. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”  Read entire article

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